Edna Rogers | Tracheal cancer survivor

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Edna Rogers

“My experience at the Cancer Institute has been wonderful. I am five years out from my diagnosis and so blessed. The nurses and doctors have all been so helpful. Dr. Suen is a wonderful doctor who took very good care of me. He’s very considerate and interested in his patients’ recovery. He is an awesome doctor. I would recommend him … Read More

Sharon Turner | Breast cancer survivor

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Sharon Turner

“When they told me I had breast cancer, I wanted to say ‘why me?’ Then, I stopped and thought, ‘why not me?’ It can happen to anyone. I’ve come for a mammogram for the past several years. It’s just what I do. The earlier you catch it, the better chance your doctors have of helping you. It’s best to take … Read More

John Huens | Chondrosarcoma

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John Huens

“Having cancer was an eye opening experience. My course in life was altered severely after I had surgery to remove the cancer. I was no longer able to walk or work. Even through all of that I slowly realized that I was becoming an optimist about my situation. I have learned to find my own inner peace. Don’t feel hopeless … Read More

Cynthia McNabb | Cervical Cancer Survivor

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“It’s important to keep a positive attitude and trust that you will be well taken care of. My family and friends supported me during my cancer treatment by calling, cooking meals and praying for me. I look forward to spending more time with them now that my treatment has ended. Having cancer has made me a more thoughtful person. I … Read More

Veletta Cummings | Breast cancer survivor

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Vetetta Cummings

“I believe in God and that everything is going to be all right. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2015, and I’m going to do whatever I can to keep it from coming back. I’m looking forward to being able to exercise again and going back to church. I am at the end of this journey and ready … Read More