John Huens | Chondrosarcoma

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John Huens

“Having cancer was an eye opening experience. My course in life was altered severely after I had surgery to remove the cancer. I was no longer able to walk or work. Even through all of that I slowly realized that I was becoming an optimist about my situation. I have learned to find my own inner peace. Don’t feel hopeless … Read More

Cynthia McNabb | Cervical Cancer Survivor

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“It’s important to keep a positive attitude and trust that you will be well taken care of. My family and friends supported me during my cancer treatment by calling, cooking meals and praying for me. I look forward to spending more time with them now that my treatment has ended. Having cancer has made me a more thoughtful person. I … Read More

Debra Jones | B-cell Lymphoma and Brain Cancer

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“I was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma in December 2012 with 2 brain tumors. This was followed by surgery with UAMS neurosurgeon Dr. John Day, radiation treatments at the UAMS Radiation Oncology Center and follow-up treatments with neuro-oncologist Dr. Shirley Ong. As of August 2014, I am cancer free. That’s when I participated in the Seed of Hope ceremony. I have … Read More

Paula Diaz | Breast Cancer Survivor

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“I’m glad my treatments are over and my eyes have been opened to the many people who are currently being treated for all kinds of cancer. My friends were there to talk to me about what I was going through; my family supported me and drove me to my appointments; and my church offered love, care and comfort.  The Seed … Read More

John Paul Craig | Melanoma survivor

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“I see life in a whole new perspective now. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Hang on through the bumpy ride. It may sling you around, but you can make it! My wife was my biggest supporter throughout my treatment. She helped me make it through the night when my doubts, pains and fears kept me … Read More