seeds-of-hope-sculpture1Some days in your life deserve pure celebration – graduations, weddings and births, just to name a few. For many people, there's another day that they consider one of the happiest of their lives. It's the day they are told they are cancer free. The Seed of Hope sculpture is a symbol of hope and healing for patients at the UAMS Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute. When a patient reaches a milestone in their treatment, we present him or her with two seed-shaped tokens. One token is placed in the sculpture as a celebration of survivorship. The second token is taken with them to keep or to pass along as a symbol of hope to someone else facing a challenge. It is our hope that one day, through the power of research-driven treatment, the Seed of Hope will overflow with tokens symbolizing countless survivors who have won the battle against cancer. Here are some of their stories.

Hope Abides

The sculpture was carved in five weeks from a 3,700 lb. piece of Turkish marble.